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Celebrating 75 Years!

In 1942, at the age of 24 years, Mr. Hans Oetiker founded a small workshop at Lake Zurich, Switzerland. He invented the world’s first ear clamp in 1951, with one idea always leading to the next. Today, Oetiker manufacturers over 1.8 billion reliable connections annually within 12 manufacturing facilities around the world.

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Swiss quality: reliable, versatile, precise

Our systems and products, which are developed and produced in-house, meet the highest of standards and are available around the world.

Specially developed for customers with the highest of expectations

We understand our customers’ needs thoroughly and do everything in our power to supply them with customised solutions.


Process-safe assemblies keep their promises

Pincers produced in-house guarantee safe and constantly verifiable installation processes.

Expert knowledge worldwide

Our experienced specialists will help you to select the most suitable connection technology solution.
No matter how diverse our customers, or their structural components and requirements may be, Oetiker always provides the best possible product solution.

Diesel Particulate Filters: customized connections to ensure a proper fit

Exhaust systems and their components play an important role in keeping emissions down. Heavy Duty V-Profile Clamps and Straps are trusted to keep these systems sealed tight and securely held.

Airbags: ensuring that lifesavers do not malfunction

Clamps manufactured by Oetiker fix the airbag to the detonator, ensuring that airbags always work safely.

Turbochargers: improved performance thanks to compression

Innovative quick connectors connect turbochargers and cooling lines – quickly, simply and without tools.

Cardan shafts: ensuring that everything runs smoothly

Clamps on the rubber bellows protect cardan shafts from dirt and water and prevent lubricants from leaking.

Artificial heart: keeping the beat going in the operating theatre

Heart surgeons rely on external cardiac pumps; our clamps play an important role.